Video Roundup: Beatboxing Tutorials For Beginners

beatboxing tutorials
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If you are looking to get started with beatboxing, this collection of videos is a great starting point. Beatboxing, or vocal percussion, is a growing art form that is utilized in all sorts of music. Common beatbox rhythms are drawn from hip-hop, house, soul, and other popular music styles.  This collection of tutorials is a great mix of well known artists, such as Dub FX, and lesser known individuals that have a lot of knowledge to share. Once you get through these videos you will have a great foundation for beatboxing and vocal percussion.

Beatboxing Basics with Dub FX

The fundamentals of beatboxing are presented perfectly here by loop station master DubFX. I personally love “Born to be clever to clever to be to clever.” Write the phrases down at first to make it easy practicing.

The Crab Scratch with Zalem

One of my favorite beatbox sounds is the crab scratch. This can be performed with or without a didgeridoo. Didge master Zalem explains it here.

Rimshot with The Orthodox

Another wonderful sound is the “Rimshot”. The “Orthobox” a orthodox jewish beatboxer has some awesome tutorials. I also love his remix of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it like its Hot“.

Pf Snare with The Orthodox

Another one of the great beatboxing tutorials with “The Orthodox” is this video on the “Pf” snare. This sound is a simple and essential tool in the beatbox utility belt.

Lip Oscillations with The Orthodox

This didgeridoo/beatbox overlap video is great for dubstep sounds and beats. Most of what you learn here is taken from didgeridoo technique and applied to beatbox sounds. Yes, we feature The Orthodox three times because his beatbox tutorials are just that good.

Multi-Tone Didjeredoo/Tuvan Throat Singing Tutorial with Ben Stevens

This Throat Bass/Tuvan throat singing (Kargyraa style) tutorial is for dubstep and heavy bass beatbox beats. If you really want to start spicing up your beatbox sound, start exploring this.

3-Minute Basic Beatbox Tutorial with Didge Project’s AJ Block

By combining simple sounds you can make awesome beats. This 3-Minute tutorial makes for a great starter exercise.

Final word: practice, practice, practice and enjoy 🙂

Did we miss any beatboxing tutorials? Please post your favorite beatboxing tutorials and any questions in the comments section below.

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