This High Tech Travel Didge Packs Snug And Sounds Great


Bring the didgeridoo to places previously unimaginable with Airdidge!

Airdidge is the first carbon fiber telescoping didgeridoo designed for musicians on the go. With a weight of 1.2 lbs and a packed length of 14.57 inches, this instrument is the ideal companion for traveling and hiking.

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This travel didge fits in any backpack and plays in 3 keys: Bb (fully extended), C# (with smallest tube pushed in, and E (with end piece removed). Great for all levels of didgeridoo players, from beginners to advanced.

Need a portable travel didge? Order Airdidge here.

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Jerry Walsh
Jerry Walsh started playing the didgeridoo in 2011 utilizing the instrument's deep drone and conscious breathing in efforts to access deeper levels of meditative awareness and spiritual connection. Jerry has since developed a love for the instrument's musical and healing capabilities, frequently performing in shamanic circles and developing highly experimental rhythms. Jerry spent a year in 2010-11 traveling through India, Nepal, and the Kingdom of Bhutan studying art, eastern religion, and sociology. Jerry currently lives in Brooklyn, New York at Golden Drum, a spiritual community with a focus on sacred traditions and is a member of Dream Seed: A Shamanic Sound Journey and Sacred Arts Research Foundation.