10 Of The Best Musical Instruments For Children To Learn


Who didn’t want to be a rock star when they were growing up? It’s pretty common knowledge that all-around learning, brain development and improved social skills have been linked to playing a musical instrument. So whether you hope that your child will be the next Mozart or you just want them to have an outlet for their creativity, then check out this list of great instrument ideas that they are sure to love!

1) Piano/Keyboard

children-pianoYou might remember this from your own parents. Maybe they forced you to do lessons and recitals and you were so bored! It is all about attitude and the right encouragement. The reason why learning the piano/keyboard is such a good idea is that it forms the basis of so much music. Not only that, it is a very clear instrument to learn how to play and great for kids to then move over to other instruments they might want to learn.


2) Guitar

child-guitarNext to piano, the guitar is the most popular instrument for children to learn. They look at their favorite musicians and want to emulate. The guitar is another great fundamental instrument and seems a little more exciting than the more stately piano. A good guitar will not only teach them the basics of music, but also help them develop manual dexterity that will benefit them across all their activities.


3) Bass Guitar

The bass is often an under appreciated instrument. We often think of the bassist in the background, but the bass is what gives a song its groove. When we are not listening to music on headphones or out of laptop speakers, it is the bass that gives a song depth. They are tuned similarly to guitars but instead of six strings, your child is just working with just four which makes the instrument much more manageable.


4) Ukulele

ukulele-childrenWhat’s nice about the ukulele is the size. Beginner ukuleles are just the perfect size for kids. They are easy to hold and they can pick up some tunes very quickly. And let’s be fair. Unlike some of our other recommendations, they are fairly quiet instruments which will be nice if you have to listen to your child practice for hours on end!


5) The Drums

drums-childrenThis is many parents’ nightmare! They often want their kids to be quieter, not louder. But the drums are so much fun! And they teach kids rhythm which is the foundation of all music. Everything is built around rhythm and it doesn’t matter how much music theory they might understand if they can’t get this down. Not only this, nowadays you can go for an electronic drum kit. This gives them all the benefits of the drums, and they can just practice with headphones on turning one of the loudest instruments into one of the quietest!


6) Flute or Recorderrecorder-flute-children

Now technically, the easiest woodwind to pick up is the recorder. But that is a rather galvanizing instrument. So instead we have to recommend a flute. Flutes are fairly easy to learn, very portable and teach the important beginning techniques of woodwinds— That is breathing and finger positioning. They are a classic instrument and a good bridge to other ones like the clarinet or oboe.


7) Saxsax-children

The Sax is the other woodwind instrument that is considered by players to be the easiest to learn. Its versatility is what makes it a great instrument option. It is played in such a wide variety of genres from rock to blues and jazz and even classical! It is also is a little bit more of an unusual instrument these days which is good for those children look to express themselves in a particularly unique way.


8) Cajon DrumCajon-children

This Peruvian instrument has become a mainstay across all genres. It provides a wide variety of sounds and can be played with your hands, some sticks, brushes or whatever making it very fun experiment with. Best of all, it is relatively compact so easy to move around and store when not in use.


9) Violin

violin-childrenThe violin definitely has a steeper learning curve than some of the other instruments on this list. This is because it requires both precision and accuracy which is tricky for beginners. But if your child can push through these initial stages then they will be will on their way to understanding the complex interplay between fingerings and harmonies.


10) DidgeridooHow To Expand Lung Capacity for Didgeridoo and Wind Instruments

One of the easiest wind instruments to learn, the didgeridoo is a great instrument for kids and adults alike. With no moving parts, slides or keys, the didgeridoo is an instrument that requires techniques that utilize the tongue, cheeks, abs, throat and voice muscles, among others. Many children didgeridoo players find the instrument fun to play and love to learn how to imitate different animal sounds with the instrument. Learning the instrument is great for coordinating the breath with rhythm and timing. Check out Didge Project’s free didgeridoo lessons online.


So Many Musical Instruments Children Can Choose From!

There is such a wide variety of amazing musical instruments out there. This is just beginning to scratch the surface. They can head across the percussive family into strings or wherever their heart takes them. Give them the opportunity to explore their creativity so that they can let their inner artists shine.


Author Bio

Diego Cardini has a passion for music since he was 12 years old. Enjoying jamming and teaching, he runs The Musician Lab, a space to learn and get involved with music.



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