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Drum Making Workshop at Tribal Rhythms Gathering 2018


Participants will make their own drum using a wooden frame, animal skin and sinew. Please select the size drum you will make and the type of animal skin. 16″ and 18″ drums are available. 18″ drums cost an extra $15 for materials. Ticket must be purchased by Weds., July 25.

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Join Xango Shola from Dream Seed in making your own shamanic frame drum. The drum is a sacred instrument that invokes the heart and speaks a universal language. Its rhythmic heartbeat is at the center of ceremonies held by people all over the world.

In this workshop we will come together in a sacred space to create our own ceremonial drums and learn a frame drum-tying technique that Dream Seed received from our community’s spiritual leader and elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino.

We will be making one-sided hand drums, using wooden frames made of maple; the hide of elk, buffalo or deer; and sinew.

The creation of the drum is a prayer and a ceremony in itself. We will work with our drums as a visioning meditation for our lives and our paths, so that our thoughts and intentions remain in a high vibration as we create the drums and through that process they become part of the drums. During that time we will share and listen to sacred songs from different Native traditions. Making your own personal drum is a sacred journey and the power of making something like this with your own hands is incredible, it becomes an extension of your own heart & mind.

Workshop includes:

All drum making materials
Breakfast and Lunch

Drum Making Workshop cost is $275 – $290 (depending on drum size) in addition to the event ticket price.

Registration for this workshop is non-refundable.

Additional information

Skin Type

Deer, Buffalo, Elk

Drum Size

16", 18"