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Holiday Gifts For Music Lovers: A Quick Guide

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! By now you’ve probably made a list that details everyone that you need to shop for. If you...

Didgeridoo Beatbox Tutorial: 3 Essential Rhythms

In this didgeridoo beatbox tutorial video, Didge Project's Jerry Walsh demonstrates how to play 3 basic beatboxing rhythms for the didgeridoo. What's great about...

Song Of The Breath: NYC Didgeridoo Course, Jan. 5 – Mar. 2, 2019

NYC Didgeridoo Course with Nora Heilmann.  This seven week didgeridoo course will teach you all the foundational skills necessary to progress as a didgeridoo player. For...
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Improve Your Rhythm With Vocal Exercises – Glen Velez @ Tribal Rhythms Gathering 2018

Improve your rhythm with these fun singing and clapping exercises! Glen Velez is truly a master of the frame drum and he is also an...

Didgeridoo Fall Meet-Up in Prospect Park

We are excited to announce the Didgeridoo Fall Meet-up at Prospect Park on Saturday, October 27th! Appropriate for all levels of players, this workshop will...
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING
Learn to play didgeridoo and master the technique of CIRCULAR BREATHING

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